Reception halls

The Steve L. Elkas Funeral Complex features three inviting reception halls to welcome you.

  • 2 rooms that can each accommodate up to 120 people, but which can be combined to create one large room to welcome up to 240 people;
  • 1 cocktail-type room with tables and bar stools with a capacity for 90 to 150 people;
  • Bar on site.

Talk to our advisors for more information!

Army Navy Air Force
Rue St-Francis, Sherbrooke

Brasserie le Dauphin
929, rue King Est, Sherbrooke

Centre Communautaire des Loisirs de Sherbrooke
1010, rue Fairmount, Sherbrooke

Chevalier De Colomb D’East-Angus
143, rue St-Pierre, East-Angus

Chevalier De Colomb de Sherbrooke
2615, rue Hertel, Sherbrooke

Chevalier De Colomb de Rock-Forest
4799, boul. Bourque, Sherbrooke

Club de Golf de Sherbrooke
819 569-6534
1000, rue Musset, Sherbrooke, QC J1J 3X4

80, rue St-Jacques Sud, Coaticook

Hotel Delta
2685, King Ouest, Sherbrooke

Hotellerie Le Boulevard
4201, boul. Bertrand-Fabi, Sherbrooke

Légion Canadienne
470, Bowen Sud, Sherbrooke

Hôtellerie le Jardin De Ville
4235, King Ouest, Sherbrooke

Motel Le Président
3535, King Ouest, Sherbrooke
hPizzeria Demers
936, rue Conseil, Sherbrooke

Salle Communautaire Optimiste Rock-Forest
6670, rue Fontaine , Sherbrooke

Salle du Mont-Joie
4785, Chemin Campelton, Canton de Hatley