Pre-arranged funeral services

Leaving your funeral arrangements to your loved ones… is this really the first legacy you want to leave them?

Depart with peace of mind…

Out of concern for your loved ones and to ensure your final wishes are respected, the advisors at Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home invite you to plan your funeral carefully.

To do this, the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home offers personalized pre-arranged funeral services for those who see the wisdom of preparing their departure and ensuring their final wishes are respected.

What are pre-arranged funeral services?

Pre-arranged funeral services are an agreement between you and your funeral home so that together, you can settle every detail of your funeral. With the help of your advisor, you will be invited to select in advance the goods and services provided upon your death.

What are the BENEFITS of pre-arranging my funeral service?

  • To spare your family from having to make difficult decisions during an emotional period;
  • To simplify the choice and organisation of funeral services;
  • To allow your loved ones the opportunity to experience their grief and not have to deal with sensitive tasks;
  • To ensure your final wishes are respected;
  • To protect your family from financial worries upon your death;
  • To mitigate the cost of rising prices over time.

Meet with our advisors to obtain the information needed to plan your funeral at no cost and with no obligations

  • A meeting in your own home
  • Free documentation on your funeral planning

To ensure the best service, we offer you a funeral planning booklet that will help you throughout the entire process. You will have the opportunity to write down your final wishes with no obligation on your part. Taking the time to plan your last wishes will alleviate the burden on your loved ones during very difficult times.