Funeral support services

Soutien funéraire - Résidence funéraire Steve ElkasIt’s possible to have a perfect and affordable service. Community involvement by the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home has helped it establish a number of services and provide support to local families: help for parents in mourning, psychological support, free transportation services for families, meetings at home or the hospital, as well as help with all of the tasks that fall on the shoulders of the survivors.

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Psychological support

The Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home is fully aware of the emotional difficulties that can be associated with the bereavement process. That is why we have implemented a psychological support program free of charge for our grieving families.

In addition to the various regional organizations that support families in mourning, the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home has now partnered with specialized psychologists to provide moral support during this difficult period. Contact us about receiving free psychological help.

Marie-Josée Bertrand, psychologist and speaker

Marie-Josée BertrandWith more than ten years of experience working as a psychologist, Ms. Bertrand encourages her clients to be independent and to express their emotions with her humanist approach that focuses on self-development. This approach promotes the following humanist principles:

  • Treating a problem in a sustainable way by treating the root of the problem;
  • The therapist and client develop a cooperative relationship;
  • Emphasis on the present (here and now);
  • Belief in the self-actualizing tendency of human beings;
  • Instrumentation of tangible skills.