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What to do

when someone dies 

Despite the pain of losing a loved one, a certain number of administrative steps must be taken as quickly as possible, which can be an overwhelming prospect when facing things alone. That’s why Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home is there to support and assist you throughout those difficult times. Please see the to-do list below.


Your to-do list


the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home, 819 565-1155 in order to report the person’s death (services offered 24⁄ 7).


with one of our funeral counsellors at the funeral home.


your flowers, catering services and type of funeral service.

Votre liste

Steve L. Elkas

What we can do for you :

Inform you

as to the various steps to take as well as the possibilities regarding the funeral service.

Make arrangements

to pick up your loved one’s body.


with your family to make the funeral arrangements.


authorities of your loved one’s death:

  • Registrar of Civil Status;
  • Income security;
  • Other concerned agencies (RAAQ, IVAC, Veterans Affairs).


the person’s identity cards:

  • Social insurance card;
  • Driver’s license;
  • GST and QST credits;
  • Passport;
  • Others, if needed.

We will also take care of the following things for you :


the papers required for:

  • Surviving spouse’s pension;
  • Orphan’s pension, if necessary;
  • $2,500 death benefit;
  • Social insurance, if necessary;
  • SAAQ benefits, if necessary;
  • CSST benefits, if necessary.


the catering services, funeral bookmarks’ and candles’ design as well as the pre-ordered flower arrangements.


the body for viewing and visitations or cremation.


your loved one’s life.

Pay homage

at your loved one’s life final resting place.


psychological support to your grieving family.

We also offer a wide range of documents for further information and assistance.

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Steve L. Elkas



Funeral Pre-arrangements

Spare your family the burden of having to make funeral arrangements after your death by taking care of them while you are alive. Funeral pre-arrangements are a contract – passed between you and the funeral home – that will allow you to settle your funeral arrangements down the very last detail.

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Funeral support

Impeccable and affordable support

Many years of involvement in the community have enabled the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home to set up several services to provide better support to people who have to go through the different stages of grief. For example, we can provide assistance to parents dealing with the loss of a child, psychological support for the family members of the deceased, free transportation services to bereaved families, home and hospital meetings and assistance in all administrative tasks for survivors.

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