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With respect, dignity and love

Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home offers a wide range of personalized services in order to meet all of your needs.

We offer professional, compassionate and comprehensive services as you are coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. Our mission is to help and assist you to help ease this difficult transition period.

Funeral planning

The pain and grief associated with the loss of a loved one is inevitably followed by the planning of a funeral.

Since every action that follows a death brings the family closer to the final separation from the deceased, the planning of a funeral is considered to be an integral part of the grieving process.

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Funeral Pre-arrangements

Spare your family the burden of having to make funeral arrangements after your death by taking care of them while you are alive.

In order to spare your family undue stress, and to ensure that your last wishes are respected, Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home invites you to carefully plan your own funeral.

Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home offers personalized funeral pre-arrangements services to those who have the foresight to prepare their departure and to make their final wishes known and respected.

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Funeral support

Thanks to its extensive experience in the community, Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home has created various services in order to offer the best possible funeral and psychological support to people who have lost a loved one:

Support for parents who have lost a child, psychological support, free transportation services, meetings at home or in hospital as well as help with all of the other tasks that await people following a death in the family.

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Administrative support

During the difficult times that follow a loved one’s death, people can easily feel overwhelmed by the various administrative tasks that must be performed.

Steve L. Elkas funeral homes can offer you peace of mind by helping you throughout the administrative process.

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Urns and caskets

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To pay your last respects and learn about the details of ceremonies and funerals.

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