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Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home’ crematorium is a unique place where families can witness their loved one’s cremation after having held a personalized ceremony. Warm and inviting private rooms allow families to witness the cremation process and to view the ashes. If you have questions or concerns over the cremation process, our team will be there to assist you.

Steve L. Elkas

Funeral support

Impeccable and affordable support

Thanks to its extensive experience in the community, Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home has created various services in order to offer the best possible funeral and psychological support to people who have lost a loved one.

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Urns and caskets

Whether you are choosing burial or cremation services for yourself or for a loved one, Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home offers a vast selection of caskets, urns and other keepsake products.

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Funeral homes that offer a warm, modern and unique atmosphere

Choose from one of our three addresses where your family can come together in an atmosphere conducive to solace and meaningful human contacts. Find the funeral home that will meet your needs and respect your beliefs and financial means.

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