Our funeral support consists of free psychological support and transportation services for families. We offer to meet in your home or a hospital setting.

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We can provide full administrative support so you can grieve in peace without having to worry about administrative details. We take the necessary time to carefully write obituaries, take measurements for the cemetery and columbarium, and help you select the florist and caterer to make this moment your own. We also notify the Directeur de l’État civil (registrar of civil status), the SAAQ, carry out searches for wills, and much more.

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We offer a variety of free documents to assist you in dealing with the hardships surrounding the death of a loved one.

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  • Thanks to this team, we took the time to mourn. And most of all, we were able to pay tribute to our father by providing him with the funeral he deserved. –Marie-Ève Gauthier, daughter of the late Réal Gauthier

  • When Benoit passed away, everyone at the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home greeted us with kindness and the empathy we needed to help us through this difficult time. With the help of Stephan Elkas who organized the farewell ceremony, we offered my husband the tribute he deserved. The funeral was unique and unforgettable, just like Benoit was...–Lucille Chouinard, wife of the late Benoit Pépin

  • We carried out his final wishes with the cooperation of the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home. In addition to helping us financially, their experts took the time to accompany us during a very difficult time.–Maurice Duval, father of the late Christian Duval

  • At the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home, I felt relieved of a burden because everything was possible and affordable. We were able to celebrate his life as if we were at home, thanks to the facilities available, and to accompany him to the cremation while giving him thanks. I am grateful for the Home’s professionals who helped create unforgettable moments right up to the end.–Vicky Duval, daughter of the late Pierre Duval

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