A pioneer in the funeral industry

The youngest in a family of six children, Steve Elkas was born in Sherbrooke in 1947 to Salim and Ida Elkas. While in high school, from 1966 to 1969, Steve worked part-time in a small English-speaking funeral home on Prospect Street. It was while exploring this line of work that the field of funeral services turned into a passion for him.

With a few years of experience under his belt, he was hired at one of the largest funeral homes in the city, the Maison Funéraire Gérard Monfette, where he discovered his vocation and honed his administrative skills in the field. He worked there from 1969 to 1976, when the Maison Funéraire Gérard Monfette was sold and became the Maison funéraire Brien et Monfette.

A new challenge…

Following the sale of the Maison funéraire Gérard Monfette, Steve L. Elkas decided to purchase the former Mayrand pharmacy on the corner of Conseil Street and 7th Avenue in 1975 where he founded the Vel and Elkas Funeral Home in 1976. At the time, the Home performed 80 funerals per year. Becoming sole owner in 1982, he changed the name to Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home and went from two to nine employees.

In 1989, he purchased the neighbouring property which housed a Texaco gas station which he converted into a large parking lot, and which was much appreciated by his clientele. The existing building was expanded in 1990.

Steve Elkas senior passed on his passion of the funeral business to his only son Stephan who joined the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home team in 1994. Today, the Funeral Home has more than 15 employees and responds to the needs of close to 500 families. In addition to the Funeral Home located on Conseil Street, the Elkas family also has had a Crematorium situated on 24-Juin Street in Sherbrooke since 2011. A funeral complex will soon be added to further meet the needs of families.

This constant dedication is seen in a host of gestures and acts that have built the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home a reputation of trust. Since 1964, the Elkas family has been providing devoted, compassionate support and counselling to grieving families in the greater Sherbrooke area.

Always respectful, the professionals at the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home stand out for their knowledge, the quality of their incomparable services, and their understanding, family approach.

Résidence Funéraire Steve Elkas - Historique

New complex : opening fall 2015