A team of professionals working for local families

The Elkas family and its team have offered their support and empathy to grieving families for more than 30 years, characterized by a friendly and personalized approach that takes into account the needs, wishes, and budget of each person.

In fact, the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home strives to fully meet the desires and last wishes of every family they serve. Providing impeccable service and meeting every expectation without the least pressure is what the Home values above all else.

The team at the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home make it a priority to respect the wishes of each person and to help grieving families navigate the difficult stages of death and grieving as serenely as possible. The budget should not be an obstacle, because for members of the Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home family, each human being deserves to finish his or her life with dignity…

Steve Elkas


Stephan Elkas

Vice-président et administrateur

Renée Couture

Directrice adjointe

Marcel Bolduc

Préposé à l’accueil

Yves Desmarais

Préposé au transport

Richard Hunt

Conseiller aux familles

Line Bachand

Conseillère aux familles

Marie-Renée Fugère

Adjointe administrative

Patrice Goulet

Thanatologue et conseiller aux familles

Daniel Thauvette

Préposé à l’accueil

Bryan Murray

Préposé à l’accueil

Marc Richard

Conseiller aux familles