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Funeral Home

Steve L. Elkas

This funeral home, situated in the eastern portion of Sherbrooke, was  Steve Elkas Funeral Home’ very first place of business. Several additions have been made to the building over the last 40 years. The home offers three separate parlors. That means that we can welcome up to three families at a time for viewing, visitations and ceremonies, and we can change the rooms’ layout to accommodate your specific requirements and needs. Two spacious parking lots adjoin the funeral home.

We offer funeral pre-arrangements and funeral arrangements directly on the premises. We also offer a selection of caskets which can be viewed in our showroom.

Unmatched support

Funeral support

Impeccable and affordable support

Thanks to its extensive experience in the community, Steve L. Elkas Funeral Home has created various services in order to offer the best possible funeral and psychological support to people who have lost a loved one.

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Funeral Planning

Services offered 24 hours a day in a warm, family-style way

The pain and grief associated with the loss of a loved one is inevitably followed by the planning of a funeral. Since every action that follows a death brings the family closer to the final separation from the deceased, the planning of a funeral is considered to be an integral part of the grieving process.

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Funeral Home

601 Conseil Street
Sherbrooke J1G 1K4

Funeral homes that offer a warm, modern and unique atmosphere

Choose from one of our three addresses where your family can come together in an atmosphere conducive to solace and meaningful human contacts. Find the funeral home that will meet your needs and respect your beliefs and financial means.

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